Wednesday, November 01, 2006

'Actors' for WoT

Gruff voice: "Robert Jordan's feel-good motion-picture premier-event of the year, the best 16 hours you will ever spend in the cinema".

Main Characters

Perrin Aybara – Eric Bana
Matrim Cauthon - Jake Gyllenhaal
Elayne Trakand – Kate Bosworth
Aviendha – Uma Thurman
Min – Missy Higgins
Faile – Lucy Lui
Gawyn – David Wenham
Thom Merrilin - Ian McKellen
Lolial – Peter Garrett

Secondary Characters

Morgase - Michelle Pfeiffer
Logain Ablar – David Wenham as well
Padan Fain – Kevin Spacey
Lanfear – Angelina Jolie
- Hayden Christensen
Maesma (The Prophet) - Kevin Spacey as well
Shadar Haran – Ted Baillieu
Bathamel – Christian Bale (before the sealing of the bore)
Couladin – Anthony "the Cara'carn" Mundine


Blogger Zacius said...

You're a right bloody wanker aren't you?

10:14 AM

Blogger Gordon W F Young said...

Holy crap, you nailed a few of those mate! For the actors I recognized in any case.

Though I debate the run-time. If LotR went for a total of 9 hours (short version) then WoT is looking at about a day and a half, not including intermission to rehash who the hell all the charecters are again.

Also, you'd also have to pull a 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' and replace the entire cast for the last 9 hours, after the director died and took everyone else out with him.

3:04 AM


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